GreenWorks 22272

Features of the Green Works 22272

One of the best pole hedge trimmer  that will help in the cleaning of the hedges is not only cordless but very convenient to use. The dual action should be conducted with the help of the pole hedge trimmer. The trimming activities which are conducted with the help of hedger give a new essence to your lawn. It adds the cleaner look to your bushes and gives you a superb quality of experience.

  • 3 Position Head Adjusting Blades: The blades are positioned to be adjusted at three different points that will make you stand out and work as per your own convenience and location. As per the height and width of the lawn, one can very easily adjust the blades of the trimmer.
  • Telescoping Shaft: The shift can be extended up to a certain point and the view can easily be perceived through the telescope. The shaft is well maintained and can be reaching up to a certain amount of time.
  • Good Cutting Capacity: The cutting activity that can be conducted through the trimmer is done with a very good capacity as well as cutting edge technology that promote the strength of cutting.
  • 20 Inches Blade: The blades are made up of highly durable product that is comprised of 20 inches of length and give a wider scope of activity of providing aesthetic sense to the lawn.

Pros and Cons

  • Light Weight: The Green Works 22272 is light in weight and also gives you a very happening experience full of memories. The weight is also responsible for carrying out the product from one place to another without any kind of worry.
  • Easy Trimming: The trimming activities are also carried out with the help of cordless hedge trimmer in a very easy and convenient way as it will increase the chances of using the lawn again in the full fledged manner.
  • High-Performance Battery: With the help of the powerful battery one can experience high performance in the productivity as well as increase the chances of great activity. There is no memory loss as compared to other experiences of the products that already exist in the market.
  • Durable: The Green Works 22272 is highly durable and can also be operated well with the help and as per the comfort of the user.
  • The Disadvantage of Green Works 22272 is that as reported by a lot of customers are that the hedge clipper can be a problem for the working of the product in the best manner.


The Green Works 22272 is the great pole hedge trimmer that helps in the maintenance of the great size of the garden area. It helps in the good amount of activity as well as work that is carried out in the short span of time. It helps in the trimming of the various lengths of grasses. It’s a highly trustworthy and durable product.

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