Tall Hedges

Trimming tall hedges make the trees to be neat and beautiful. The idea of trimming tall hedges is still important, despite the fact that a shrub has been trained in a manner that it can thicken to become a tall hedge. Moreover, for the hedge to be strong and shapely, regular pruning is highly recommended.

As you plan on how to trim tall hedges, you should be mindful of the kind of shrubs you have in addition to their needs since this will determine the health of the hedge during and after trimming it. If trimming is done in an appropriate way, there is a great possibility that it will encourage flowering.

What to consider while trimming the tall hedges

Trimming the deciduous tall hedge is recommended during late winter. For evergreen tall hedges, spring or at the beginning of summer will be the appropriate time to trim them. Even though there is a possibility of safely snipping some stems any time, but extensive pruning should be done at these times since this encourages new growth.

Two stakes ought to be placed on the opposite side of the tall hedge. Then, a string should be tied from one stake to another, depending on the size of the hedge you are interested in as far as trimming the hedges is concerned.

Consider trimming the branches of the hedge since will make it have a unique shape as well as shape.

Knowing how to trim tall hedge is of great advantage. While trimming, the top branches should be slightly shorter as compared to the lower branches. This makes it possible for the parts of the trees to get enough sunlight. When the higher branches grow, the lower branches can find it difficult to receive enough sunlight, hence the tree will develop dieback and at the same time be light brown if the hedges have not been narrowly shaped at the top.

Some important tools for trimming the tall hedges:

  • Pruning shear;
  • Farming glovers;
  • Safety glasses;

Tips on how to trim tall hedges

The top of the hedge should always be sheared on a daily basis for it to grow tall gradually. The hedge will grow more dense instead of looking spindly if you do not allow it to shoot up very fast. For you to trim the top of the hedge, using a ladder is recommended since it is difficult to the hedge’s top when your feet are on the ground.

One of the mistakes that you should avoid doing when it comes to how to trim tall hedges is pruning the tall hedges during winter. This encourages sparkling of new growths, hence making it difficult for the hedges to harden off.

Have the appropriate hedge trimmer for you to get long-term dividends. Moreover, you should know how to trim tall hedges correctly for you to be on the safer side of ensuring that the trees add some aesthetic value to your home. If you find it difficult to trim the tall hedges on your own, consider hiring professional trimmers.

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