Having a beautiful lawn and garden is a dream but sometimes due to the growth of hedges in these places you are not able to fulfill this wish of having a properly trimmed garden. So, if you are actually planning to arrange a house party with your gang of friends but are getting worried of the overgrown hedges, you should look out for the hedge trimmers offered by mantis.

The hedge trimmers are indeed a superior quality one and can actually provide you with good options. Given below are the customer reviews for some of the amazing hedge trimmers that you can simply review and buy as per your choice and requirement.

Little Wonder 2420-00-01


An amazing lightweight hedge trimmer made up of dual sided blades can actually cut up to 21 inches of the hedges. One can very nicely cut the overgrown grasses and the unwanted plants that can give your garden look an ugly look. Without getting deflected from your core work, you can very nicely give a nice cut to your hedges. Make them properly trimmed. This Mantis Little Wonder is all about the case hardened steel gears that are known for the better durability and longer sustainability.

The weight of the hedge trimmer is such that it weigh around 8.8 pounds and can actual work around 27,000 cuts per minute for extra efficiency. This is a completely unique trimmer that can solve out your cutting problems without any amount of difficulty.

​Mantis 2230SAH


The Mantis 2230SAH is a great trimmer that you can easily buy at affordable rates. With the attachment 30-Inch, you are able to carry out the functioning with the 2 cycle of the cultivator that will help you make the easy attach and convenient use in a proper manner. The reciprocating dual blades are made up of single edged steel blades in such a manner that they help in providing an extra feature of tackling the high hedges that can really look bad and pathetic. The use of power is such that it provides the engine to supply empty amount of power with the special efficiency of 21.22 cc of an engine. The tilling action is also a very amazing one without making you put on any kind of extra efforts or labour.

Mantis 2224DAH


This Mantis 2224DAH is one of the efficient gas powered hedge trimmers that can be easily available on the market. With the extra 24-inch double edge hedge trimmer that can efficiently work towards the trimming of the hedges. The 24-inch dual blades will actually help you to get the attachment in the very easy and unique manner. The tooth comb brush will provide you to cut those hedges that come with the thickness and the growth. It can be very easily attached and removed with the superior cutting performance. The 1” thick growth can also be easily cut through this mantis tiller. It is actually a great choice if you already have a long growth of hedges and finding difficult for a comprehensive solution.