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In the repertoire of the gardener, one of essential gardening tools is the grass trimmer or the strimmers which will give an aesthetic look and pleasing approach to your garden after it is considered to be trimmed. While buying a trimmer for your use and convenience there are a lot of factors that needs to be taken care of. Especially what is very important is the size of the garden and the power use. The size of the garden helps in analyzing the width which is considered to be a prime reason to cut the lawn.

In the market, you are able to get the lot of electric models as well as the petrol versions that can often cause too much of noise as well as pressure on the senses of the user. Therefore, it is mandatory to look out for the best grass trimmers that are present in the markets. Given below are some of the top rated grass trimmers. As a customer, you can choose out from those given below and can get the solution.

Best Rated Grass String Trimmers

Black & Decker LST136W String Trimmer Review

Black & Decker LST136W

One of the most popular garden tools that can give out the best quality of trimming is the Black & Decker LST136W. It has been observed that it gives out the most impressive performance while giving out a very beautiful cutting treatment and helps in the manicuring of the lawn in a very proper manner.

Features of the Black & Decker LST136W

  • Power Drive Feature: The best mechanism that describes the product is the power drive feature that makes it an optimizing and classic masterpiece that can cut the lawn in the prim and proper manner. Through the help of the feature, you can carry out the operations in a real well-balanced way.
  • Automatic Line Feel Spool: Another great feature that is brought out by the product is that the line feed is automatic and will give out a look which will help in carrying out the operations in the perfect approach.
  • Easy To Start: The product comes with the amazing feature of starting up very easy. It is quiet in the operations and hardly few minutes to get started and trim your garden in the manner you are looking to change it. This a special and unique design with which the product is often attributed.
  • 3 Year Warranty: The warranty and durability with which the product comes are for 3 years and it gives a better reliability. It also helps in building up the trust of the customers by offering them with this feature.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Battery Power System: The battery comes out with the powerful excellent system that enables you to perform in a much more efficient manner. It helps the battery to operate in a much comfortable manner.
  • Affordable Rates: The prices of the product too as compared to others are very cost effective and also quite affordable. This is one of the most amazing advantages that need to be taken care.
  • Convenient Built-In Edger: The edger that makes the product convenient is in built and makes your lawn quite clean and eco-friendly.
  • Faster In Operations: The operations of the work through this trimmer are quite fast and effective as compared to other trimmers that are already available in the market.
  • The disadvantage that is often perceived through Black & Decker LST136W is that the life of a battery is hardly an hour which is why one needs to always keep it in the charging mode. But as compared to other special features it is considered to be an awesome product to buy for trimming your garden.


Hence, Black & Decker LST136W is a good battery powered grass trimmer that is perfect and blends well in terms of precision, accuracy and automatic operations of the string trimmer in the best way. It is having a lot of great features as well as allows you with accurate cuts no matter whether you are working near the trees or big shrubs. Though it lasts just for an hour, the working capacity of the product is much more as compared to the other electric grass trimmers in the markets. The automatic spool makes it a very comfortable working machine by continuing the work automatically.

DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless String Trimmer Review


A great cordless grass trimmer that will enhance the professional way of cutting the grass on the lawn. It is considered to be a comprehensive solution by the customers owing to its high-performance operations and the great warranty package that fulfils the need of the garden. The gear design, as well as the control, the switch also empowers you to work in a very cohesive manner.

Features of the DEWALT DCST920P1

  • Brushless Motor: The unique thing that is associated with the product is the kind of motor which is brushless in its form. It helps in working quite efficiently and carries out the task in the most primitive manner. The brushless motor also retains the durability and carries out the task in most efficient manner.
  • Variable Trigger with Speed Control: In order to have the flexibility in the working operations of the task, the product comes with a superb feature of maintaining the variable speed that will be able to fix as per the convenience of the user. It sometimes becomes the prime reason for the customer to get used to the product. You can keep the speed either high or low as per your own working capacity.
  • Patent Gear Drive Design: The gear design helps in making the torque to function more efficiently and in a very awesome manner. It gives the powerful back up to the operations of the product. It also cut the speed of the load. This also makes it a very great advantage to be used in the most professional manner.
  • 8.5 lb string: In order to manoeuvre the lawn in a very effective manner, it is having a very less string that not only put less amount of stress on the working of the area but also helps to carry out the product in a very efficient manner.

Pros and Cons

  • Light Weight: The DEWALT DCST920P1 is very light in weight and can be easily stored as well as kept in the storage room without any kind of problems that are faced by the people with other string trimmers.
  • Durable: The long warranty, as well as the torque design, makes the product very durable to be used in the most convenient manner.
  • Anti-Vibration: The anti-vibration benefit which is associated with the most balanced product gives out less stress in the hands of the user. It promotes the strength of comfort as well as helps in the provider of the great balance during the use.
  • Flexible Power Use: Another great benefit which is produced through the flexibility of the power helps you to control the actions of the user and arrange the speed as per one’s own comfort and requirement.
  • The disadvantage of DEWALT DCST920P1 as observed by lot of customers is that the handle is very small which is why sometimes the user faces difficulty and problem. Apart from it, the product is simply amazing to be used for trimming purpose as it really starts very well and gives out a clear operating message.


Therefore, DEWALT DCST920P1 is an ideal solution if you are tired of starting the trimmers in a very easy way. The string trimmer is a great treat for those who are very casual in working and require a lot of warranty to test the working.

Toro 51480 Corded Electric Trimmer/Edger Review

Toro 51480

A powerful corded trimmer that works effectively to cut the grass at 5 Amp and works at a very short span of time. It enables the edger as well as the edger to perform amazingly with the help of the great inbuilt features that it contains.

Features of the Toro 51480

  • Telescoping Shaft: To bring out the great extended support and reach ability, it offers the telescope shaft that helps in the promotion of the working and also makes it cover a larger area to perform really well.
  • Adjustable Handle: Another great feature which is offered through the product is the adjustable handle which makes it very convenient to the user who can very easily adjust its own working. Now you can check as per your own need and adjust the handle accordingly.
  • 14 Dual Line Cutting: For a wider cutting experience, the feature attributed is the dual line cutting one which is extended to approximately “14”. It not only extend the scope of the cutting area but also facilitates the job to be done at a much faster rate and can also cut the grass and work outstandingly well.
  • Auto-Feed Trim Line: The trim line is automatically handles and will not stop the working of the product even though you are feeling little problematic or lethargic due to overworking while cleaning your garden. Also, it will not stop if the speed is also less or effort that is put upon is very less.

Pros and Cons

  • Rust Free Aluminium Shaft: The shaft that comes with the feature is made up of a material which is rust free. It provides durability as well as is corrosion resistant that facilitates the product with all efficiency.
  • Simple Push Button: The push button that comes with much more productivity very easily converts the button into cutting and the trimming activities. The button also promotes the easy usage.
  • Easy To Handle: Another great benefit that comes with the product is that it comes with a very easy handle which makes it quite flexible and happening to be used. The handling of the product is done in a very proper manner.
  • Dual Cutting Line: The cutting line of the product is very comfortable which makes the trimming as well as cut the design in a very powerful manner. This enables one to cut the line in a superb way. This automatic cutting line helps you to get the most powerful experience.
  • The disadvantage of Toro 51480 as recorded by most of the customers is that though the motor is very powerful and the edger is quite easy to be used, the weight of the trimmer is quite heavy which sometimes cause a little problem while using it for a longer amount of time.


The Toro 51480 comes with a powerful 5 Amp power that gives a very wide cut and gives you a very pleasing happiness when you will look at your proper trimmer. It offers great resistance to the product and ensures that the life of the product remains in a very quick manner.

Husqvarna 128DJx Gas Powered String Trimmer Review

Husqvarna 128DJx

Accommodating all the professional equipment, the gas powered grass trimmer comes along well with the kit that contains all the essential things that can give a proven track record of performance while carrying out the task and gives out a very exemplary approach to the senses of the users.

Features of the Husqvarna 128DJx

  • Smart Start: The product is developed in such a manner that its engine can start very easily without causing much of worry or haste. This makes the product a very great performer and achiever of the customers experience and appreciation.
  • Comfortable Handle: The handle of the product is well adjusted and offers the great feature of the comfortable handle. The handle of the product can be optimized as per the suitability of the user. This promotes all the benefits.
  • Detachable Shaft: For the easy adjustment of the shaft and for the storage purpose, it comes with an advantage of the detachable shaft that can be easily removed from the product especially during the time of storage purposes. This enhances the product to be kept in a very powerful manner.
  • Reduce Emissions: It also contains E11 during the time of the usage so that there is no amount of the emissions that are being emitted out and cause problems to the environment. You will restore the environment in a very comfortable manner.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy Loading: It is equipped with the easy handling advantage and can operate at a very fast pace thus delivering it at a very optimum level. The loading of the product is done at a very highly efficient manner.
  • E Tech Engine: The engine of the product is very convenient. It starts and stops at a powerful rate. The emissions of the product are conducted in a manner that is highly adaptable and convenient.
  • Better Control: Another great advantage of the product is that it garners the control over the activities. The controlling action of Husqvarna 128DJx also facilitates one to perform at a very level.
  • Operates Well With All Sizes Of Gardens: It also operates well and is ideal for the mid-size to the large size garden and helps in enabling the gardens to perform really well.
  • The problem which is faced by the customers while using the Husqvarna 128DJx is that if you are looking for a professional solution then it is considered to be best but for those who just have to eliminate few expanse of weeds then it is very husky. It is very heavy considering the weight with which it is made.


The Husqvarna 128DJx is thus considered to be as one of the best gas powered trimmer that can be husky for homeowners but often goes well with the professional approach. The shaft with which it can very adjust the handle and also gives out a complete solution is very suitable to solve out the most happening things. The durability that is promised out by the product can be well formulated and can perform really well.

Black and Decker LST420 Review


With facilities like extra run time and superb good power the dual trimmer helps to bring out the solutions in the most abundant manner? It functions really well and also has the power drive transmissions that make Black and Decker LST420 to perform really well and enable all the strength.

Features of the Black and Decker LST420

  • Run Time Extension Technology: With the great use of the technology, the edger comes out with the great feature of the run-time technology that will showcase the high powerful efficiency as well as enhance the growth of the product.
  • Automatic Feed Spool: The automatic spool that is connected with the feature operates the functioning of the product in a really superb manner. This automatically inbuilt feature helps in the movement with a really amazing showcase.
  • 33% more capacity: The capacity of the trimmer is such that it gives the performance at least 33% more as compared to the other trimmers. This is also one of the prime reasons that compel the prospective buyer to choose out the product for the purpose of usability and durability.
  • Dual Mode Switch Control: Also what is a great feature is that of a dual mode switch control that helps in the operations of the product as per the convenience of the user. You can very easily switch on or off in a most cost effective manner.

Pros and Cons

  • Light Weight: The edger comes with a great advantage of light weight. This makes the carrying of the products in a most effective manner. This light weight option also operates really well and acts as an edge over the prevalent trimmers in the market.
  • Easy To Start: The other great benefit is that it is very to start and also makes it the right choice to perform well. The engine is designed in such a manner that it really functions well.
  • High Performance: The performance of the product too is observed at a much greater level. Specially designed for the powerful experience, the product goes well with great productivity.
  • Great Cutting Facility: The prime thing which is observed for the cutting and trimming purpose is that as compared to other trimming facilities, the product really cuts in a very efficient manner.
  • The disadvantage of Black and Decker LST420 is that it can cost a big hole to the pockets of the users. Though the performance rates are really very great but the prices compared with the other products can term it to be little expensive. But owing to the facilities that it is providing, it can be considered as one of the best product.


The Black and Decker LST420 is a product that gives you a superb treatment of your lawn which is free from the emissions and gas fumes. It also helps you with a hassle free experience with the dual working of the product. The product is also very eco-friendly and does not cause any noise.

What Is The Best Grass Trimmer?

As you are looking out for the best grass trimmer it is very necessary for you to check out some of the exceptional qualities that are present in the product and which makes it be the ideal product for you to purchase for the trimming purpose of your garden.

  • Use of Technology: As technology these days play a very important role in bringing out lot of innovative products so that the work can be done in the perfect manner, as a buyer you should always check with the product that performs superbly well with the technology.
  • Automatic Operations: As a buyer you want to choose out for the option that will be showcasing the convenience as per the requirement and need of the buyer. The operations of the product if done in an automatic manner then it will work very effectively.

The above mentioned two great advantages if interspersed in one trimmer, it will be considered as one of the great product. You can get all these properties in Black and Decker LST420. Though it is little expensive but what is more important is that it really acts as the best grass trimmer. Apart from it if you are looking for the affordable solutions then you can go with the Husqvarna 128DJx.

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