If you require a more effective method for keeping your hedges well-trimmed, then you need to purchase the best tool for the task. In this review we have gathered the best corded electric hedge trimmers.

We also discussed the things to consider before buying a good quality trimmer. Below we reviewed 5 of the top-rated corded hedge trimmers available and also ones that will fit into your budget.

We checked their features and reviewed their pros and cons. So you can make an informed decision when you want to buy electric hedge trimmer.

The Best-Rated Electric Hedge Trimmers

#5 Greenworks 22122

Greenworks 22-Inch 4 Amp Dual-Action Corded Hedge Trimmer 22122
  • 4 Amp Electric Motor gets the job done efficiently
  • 22 Inch dual action steel blade for optimal performance and maneuvering
  • 5/8 Inch cutting capacity for controlled, easy trimming of most bushes and hedges
  • Innovative rotating rear handle makes it easy to trim at multiple angles
  • Convenient cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging

The first electric shrub trimmer on our list is the Greenworks 22122. It’s perhaps the cheapest of the cheap hedge trimmers around. With 22-inch long blades, alongside a pivoting handle, this high quality electric trimmer for bushes can slice easily through thick branches.

The motor provides a reliable performance level whilst the handle has an ergonomic and cushioned design for your ease. Since this tool is one of the lightweight hedge trimmers you can get.

There are a couple of things to note about this machine. For example, it comes with a handy rotating rear handle. It is useful a lot, but getting used to utilizing it might take a little time.

Also, we wish the blade had some sort of a protector, like a plastic slide or nylon to keep the equipment in incredible condition while away. Nevertheless, this machine is great, considering it is a cheap electric hedge trimmer.

There have been complaints from customers who have bought this garden equipment about it being too noisy.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • It is a lightweight hedge trimmer
  • Features a rotating handle
  • It is an affordable hedge trimmer

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#4 Earthwise CVPH41018

Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8-Amp Corded Electric 2-in-1 Pole/Handheld Hedge Trimmer
  • Two tools in one: hedge trimmer and pole hedge trimmer
  • 18" blade length ength with 3/4″ maximum cutting width
  • 150-degree / 6-position rotating head
  • Lightweight fiberglass pole
  • Blade cover and aluminum blade support

The Earthwise CVPH41018 is one of the best hedge cutters available and also a very versatile machine, as it provides the benefits of 2 units in 1 package. This hedge trimmer comes with a pole which you can extend to get to taller shrubs and plants.

On the chance that you’re working on shrubs or bushes that can be reached easily, then you should just convert this machine into a handheld trimmer.

With a head that rotates 150 degrees, alongside 6 unique positions, you can trim your hedges regardless of their position in your garden.

In the specifications in the package, it is written that this corded hedge trimmer comes with a pole that can be extended up to 12 ft. Nonetheless, it is just about 6 feet, which is still decent enough unless you’re doing too many overhead cutting.

According to customer reviews, this machine is extremely lightweight and the design is top notch.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • It is lightweight
  • 2 units in one package
  • It is easy to use
  • Long cord

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GARCARE 4.8A Multi-Angle Corded 2 in 1 Pole and Portable Hedge Trimmer with 20 Inch Laser Blade
  • 4.8A motor, 3/4 inch cutting capacity, 2 in 1 design for different working request
  • 20 inch laser cutting blade with rust-resistant hardened steel for cleanly,and quickly cutting
  • 6-position pivoting head and 5-position rotary rear handle allow you to trim at a variety of angles
  • Aluminum telescopic tube with extension to 9ft for long reach cutting,front and rear handle with soft rubber grip makes it comfortable to trim
  • Note:The item is a little heavy when operated at extended heights ,use together with shoulder straps will lighten your load,please use with care
This model from Garcare is an extremely fascinating machine. The design can’t be any better and the tool is highly adjustable.

The Garcare GPHT06 Corded 2 out of 1 Pole and Portable Hedge Trimmer with 4.8A motor is a reliable and powerful garden tool which performs admirably for hedges, bushes, and shrubs trimming.

The trimmer comes with a pole that can be extended up to 9 feet, and you can also easily convert the trimmer to a handheld trimmer.

Its dual-edge and counter-rotating blade gives you a chance to cut on left or right side of the trimmer for simple sculpting and shaping with less vibration.

To transmit power efficiently, there is a vigorous metal outfitting with a long lasting life. 6-position rotating head enables you to trim at various angles. 5-position rotating rear handle enables you to trim your hedges in different shapes.

Aluminum telescopic tube for more steady and professional use. This tool comes with an extendable pole that can reach 9ft and will surely get your job done perfectly.

According to consumer reports, this tool is a bit weighty, therefore, it is a bit difficult to use.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Powerful 4.8-amp motor for cutting thick branches
  • A versatile two-in-one package
  • Three-year restricted guarantee

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BLACK+DECKER HH2455 3.3-Amp HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle And Dual Blade Action Blades, 24"
  • 24-inch precision ground dual-action blade allows users to cut through overgrowth with 40% less vibration than single action blades
  • Hardened steel shearing blades cut branches up to 3/4 inch thick; Soft grip handle and lightweight design provides comfort during use
  • Rear handle rotates 180 degrees for ideal hand position when trimming vertically or horizontally; Full bale handle for multiple grip options and greater control
  • Extended reach design and powerful motor ideal for various trimming tasks; Built-in cord retainer keeps the extension in place and plugged in for uninterrupted use
  • Lock-off switch prevents accidental start up and lock-on switch ensures uninterrupted operation
The Black and Decker HH2455 hedge trimmer is a corded electric tool that is perfect for small hedges trimming.The machine has a powerful and efficient engine that is perfect for trimming thick branches. The 17-inch double action sharp blades of the tool are a noteworthy addition to the tool also.

If you’re hoping to maintain your front yard all the time, then you should opt for this incredible machine. The blades quality improves the general resilience of the tool to a major extent.

This blade decreases the vibration by 40 percent when contrasted with blades that are single action. In addition, due to the fact that these blades are rust proof and pre-hardened, they always prove to be long-lasting.

It is very vital for the maker of the machine to make its design lightweight and compact because the hedge trimming tool is the dangerous gardening equipment.

Black and Decker has adhered to these necessities correctly by making the HH2455 hedge trimmer as compact as possible. This kind of design gets rid of the likelihood of user weariness.

The HH2455 hedge trimmer has incorporated various safety measures to avoid incidental damage during trimming.

For example, the equipment has a lock off switch that keeps the trimmer from switching on accidentally. In addition, this machine also incorporates cord retention which ensures accidental unplugging is prevented.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Built-in T-handle
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Sturdy blades

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#1 Remington RM5124TH

Remington RM5124TH Dual Action 5 Amp 24-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer with Titanium Blades (Renewed)
  • This trimmer's lightweight design and ergonomic cushioned grip let you cut through even the toughest branches with comfort and ease
  • 5-amp electric motor and 24-inch titanium-coated dual action blades sever any branch up to 3/4-inch thick
  • 180-degree rotating handle increases versatility to ensure precise, clean cuts
  • Titanium coated blades maximize durability and cutting performance
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty
The Remington RM5124TH is the best corded electric hedge trimmer on our list. This model is very lightweight and it has an ergonomic design to give you a decent grasp.It encourages you slice through thick branches and bushes effortlessly. It has a 5amp electric engine and features 24-inch titanium covered double action blades.

Furthermore, the hedge trimmer features 180-degree pivoting handles so as to make the machine more versatile. The blades are titanium covered which guarantees they will last for a number of years. The trimmer also has lessened vibrations.

In addition, the hedge trimmer features a rotating blade which is perfect for shaping hedges bases or tops. No oil is required and it is simple to use. The tool comes with a two-year warranty and it is an affordable hedge trimmer that you will find at the best price.

See our the best hedge trimmer reviews to find out which models we recommend.

The lightweight design and ergonomic cushioned grasp of this trimmer enables you to cut through even the thickest branches with ease.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Powerful and perfect for thick shrubs and plants
  • Ideal for sculpting and shaping
  • The machine needs little maintenance
  • It is well balanced
  • It has comfortable handles

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Things To Consider When Buying A Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

When looking to choose a corded electric hedge trimmer, there are few features you should consider. It is recommended to put these things into consideration as you don’t want to end up spending a few dollars on a piece of trash.

Hedges Size

In the event that your hedges are small and you can do the manual work alone, you can buy a pair of hand shears to carry out the job.

On the chance that you have some work to complete, the area isn’t large and the hedges are not many, then you can purchase an electric corded trimmer if the hedges are close to the house.

Hedges height

If you’re cutting tall hedges, you should consider buying a trimmer that has an adjustable shaft so it will help you to conveniently and safely reach lofty places. But this might lead to a reduction in power.

Although, there are two in one options which can enable you to accomplish the additional height you are searching for while accomplishing the advantages of a handheld trimmer.

Ease of use and weight

A hedge trimmer ought to be anything but difficult to utilize and generally lightweight. Since you will be moving around, try to buy a machine that isn’t heavy. So as to help with weight distribution, some models come together with shoulder strap.

Length of cables

This is essential when using a corded trimmer. Put the length of the cord into consideration and consider if you may need an extension cable to provide you with the extra length you may need.

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