With the top cover, the cordless hedge trimmer is not only accessible but also very impressive and is known as the best guard blade. The operations are carried out in the faster level but also give superior durability as well as impact the greater resistance to a supreme level.

Features of the DEWALT DCHT860M1

  • Shock Resistance: The best feature which is comprised through the help of the product is the shock resistance that enables the user to carry out the activities of trimming with an easy manner. The shock resistance also gives out to be a very well behaved product’s experience.
  • Serious Power with 40 Max 4.0 Hour Battery: With the help of the super power battery, it helps in the working of the powerful operations. The battery also responds for the four hours and is also rechargeable. The battery is also very superior with the powerful impact at the great level.
  • Hooked Tooth Blade Design: The blade design with which the hedge trimmer is formed gives out a very fine cut that can be well blended with the product’s superior capacity look. The specially designed blade cut look with the hooked tooth, it is very promising and carry out in an extreme manner.
  • Removable Gear Case Cover: The removable gear case cover that helps in the exchange of the blade helps in the promotion of different blades that can very easily be removed out with the help of case cover. This is the unique feature that is associated with the trimmer.

Pros and Cons

  • High Impact Durability: The durability with which the product is coming gives out the high impact. The shock resistant that is a big advantage of the product makes it work in a fast and reliable manner. The durability also ensures the safety of the product.
  • Cuts the Stubborn Growth: It wills not only helps in cutting out the overgrowth but also easily cut through the most stubborn growth. You don’t have to wait for longer period of time or spend hours in cutting the grass with the help of DEWALT DCHT860M1.
  • Longer Run Time: The time taken to run the battery is quite more as compared to the time taken by other battery operated hedge trimmers. It will get exhausted only after the period of 4 hours. The time duration with which the battery runs the product gives you out the completely memorable experience.
  • Easy Access: The access to the brushes is also very easy and gives you a superb look. The cleaning process becomes very convenient and is also very accessible. The removable top cover gives you the comprehensive solution with the full amount of achievement. The user-friendly experience is offered through the product.
  • The disadvantage of DEWALT DCHT860M1 as recorded by the customers is that it can be a little more expensive as compared to the other products but if looked after the easy features with lot of profitable aspects. A lot of customers also feel that they are facing the great advantage.


The DEWALT DCHT860M1 is a very good hedge trimmer that will enhance your lawn with the greatest amount of aesthetic sense and gives you the pleasure that will make your approach very advanced and gift you with the best superior excellence in the works of your lawn.

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