Makita XHU02Z

The light sensor that makes the cordless trimmer highly automatic that will make it come out with the best experience. The soft grip rubberized hedge cutter that will improve the operations. The weight of the trimmer too is very less and light in manner.

Features of the Makita XHU02Z

  • Increased Cutting Speed: With the great inbuilt motor that is fully adapted with the approach of the blades, there is an increased cutting speed. The speed with which the cutting ability is implemented to restore all the amount of capacity. The operations are also carried out with a noiseless manner. The cutting of the speed also ensures the working capability.
  • Electric Brake: To enhance the productivity of the trimmer, the electric brakes make the trimmer quite versatile and adaptable. This makes the hedge trimmer quite compatible and gives out the great importance to the user. The brakes will make the product highly impactful as well as increase the chances of the greater working and feasibility.
  • 3 Year Warranty: Another great feature which is attributed with the product is that it comes with a 3-year warranty that will foster you with the great life cycle of the work and the operations. You can check this hedge trimmer for a longer period of time and can also enhance your work with better suitability.
  • Lower Noise: For the productivity and the comfort of the user the product carries out the operations without any kind of noise. The operations are done in a very comfortable manner. The user will face no headache or any other problem with the help of the great trimmer.

Pros and Cons

  • Powerful In Working: The work which is carried out in the proper manner with the hedge cutter is very powerful. The great amounts of the operations that are carried out through the product are well in balance with the latest technologies and advanced level of great productivity.
  • Comfortable: The inbuilt design of the car with the healthy design that comes out with the superb advantage will form and contribute in the convenient experience of the user. The friendly nature of the user will contribute in the maximum output and well-mannered way that will help you to have a great variety in advantage.
  • Faster Operations: The battery not only charges fast but also carry out the operations in a very fast pace. The speed with which the working is carried out in the most abundant manner. The faster rate of operations is done in the most effective way through the cutting edge technology.
  • Automatic Battery Recharging: The charging of the operations is carried out in the prim and proper manner. As soon as the battery gets discharged you will get the battery indication as the lights will automatically switch on as soon as the battery needs the charging.
  • The disadvantage which is recorded by the customers with Makita XHU02Z is that people have experienced that it can turn up to little annoying when you are going to a greater heights, apart from it the electric trimmer is really best and works great specially owing to its great blades that cut through.


The Makita XHU02Z is a versatile hedge trimmer that will help in the flexibility of the operations that can very well carried out through the great amount of creativity and amazing blades. The comfort is produced out through the faster pace and speed of the operations. The trimmer is quite important for the maintenance of the safety.

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